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Pokemon Fanfic's Journal
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Friday, March 29th, 2013
8:46 pm
Pokemon fanfic. Alternate ending Season 1.
"Whew.. That was a close match" sighed Ash Ketchum as he reminisced about earlier in the day.
Just 3 hours ago he was in the Pokemon Arena for the tournament.
The tournament he had been spending all his time preparing for.
"I hope Richie is alright..." worried Ash.
It disturbed him that Ash and Richie had to meet in the Quarterfinals.

Although he had known him only for short time, Ash had grown very fond of Richie.
The hat, the jacket... the same gestures and Pikachu!! They just had so much in common..
They had met a day before the tournament began when they fought off Team Rocket.
Team Rocket attempted to steal Pokemons of the tournament competitors. But, Ash and Richie successfully worked together to fend them off.

Ash recalled the battle being very intense.
Ash and Richie was down to just one pokemon.. Richie with his Pikachu and Ash with his Charizard.
"That Charizard is a huge liability... I don't know if it'll ever listen to me" sighed Ash as he thought about the battle.

Ash risked everything he had and sent out Charizard to battle puny Pikachu.
"Begin!" yelled the referee.
"Go Charizard!" yelled Ash as he twisted his cap sideways and threw the Pokeball
"Go Pikachu!" yelled Richie as he did the same thing.
"Please... Charizard.. Please come through for me..." prayed Ash as he sent out his only option.

The moment Ash sent his Pokemon out, it immediately fell asleep.
Ash could not help but to let out his expression horror.
"Darn it! Of all time and places why now?! Charizard please wake up!!" yelled Ash
But, it was useless. It was deep into sleep already.

"Ash.. I'm so sorry that this had happen.. But the battle has to be finished!" said Richie in smile.
"Pikachu!! Thundershock at Charlizard!!" ordered Richie as he twisted his cap sideways.

'Yes! He fell for it' grinned Ash as Pikachu was shocking Charizard.
Although electricity causes a lot of damage on any Pokemon, the likes of Charizard could take the pain.
Charizard jumped up to the ground surprised as the Thundershock took effect on it.

The crowed cheered on as Charlizard woke up from his nap.
"I can't believe it! The Pikachu's Thundershock was just a wake up call to Charizard!" Yelled out the announcer.
"No.. Way!" yelled Richie in shock.
The puny Pikachu looked Charizard in horror as it gained its senses.

"Charizard! Flame Thrower!" yelled Ash as he ordered his Pokemon to attack.
Charizard let out a loud scream and charged straight at Pikachu.

"Charizard! What are you doing?! Flamethrower!" cried Ash.
Ash knew that using Charizard was going to be a big gamble in the first place because it rarely obeyed him.
As Charizard grabbed Pikachu, it flew high up in the air.
"Pikachu! Use Thunder!!" Yelled Richie in retaliation.

Although the magnitude of the electric attack was very strong, Charizard fought through the pain thanks to texture of his skin.
The two metre dinosaur looking Pokemon flew high in the air with Pikachu and spun around in circle 360 degrees.

Pikachu had grown dizzy from the spin and had stopped using Thunder.
From the air, Charizard dashed straight down to the ground at full speed.
While flying down, it threw Pikachu straight at the ground. It was going for the knockout.
"Pikachu!! Come to your senses! If you don't wake up we're done for!" Cried Richie.
It was no use. Pikachu was too dizzy to gather its senses and Richie watched helplessly as it crashed down to the ground.

"Pikachu is unable to battle! Charizard is the winner!" declared the referee.
"YEAHH!!! ASH KETCHUM!!" roared the crowds and began to chant his name.
Ash was in tears of joy and ran to Charizard while Richie was in tears of shock
Brock and Misty, both Ash's friends, ran down from the stands to join him.
Richie gathered his senses and walked up to Ash to congratulate him.

"Congratulations Ash! Your Charizard was really strong!" smiled Richie.
"Actually, I want to thank you for waking up my Charizard. Without it, I would've been done for" said Ash as he let out his honest words.
"I'll be cheering you on at the finals. I know you can win!" assured Richie
As Ash looks at his Charizard to pat him, it let out a friendly Flamethrower at Ash.
Ash let's out a cry in pain but quickly smiled.
"Oh boy.. I can't wait till Charizard listens to me!" laughs Ash and his friends joined.

"Thank you Richie for a good battle.. You helped me realize that I have a lot to work on if I want to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world." concluded Ash.
Ash took his Pikachu to bed. As he is about to turn off the lights to go to sleep, he looks at Pikachu one last time.
"Pikachu! We're going to win the tournament tomorrow! I know it!" said Ash with confidence.
"Pika Pika" agreed Pikachu.
Sunday, September 9th, 2007
6:40 pm
Let's get this show on the road!
Howdy y'all;

Sailor Spoof here. I go by a number of names, but most call me Spoofie. I've been into Pokemon for the most part since it came over...I did start collecting the cards, but after realizing that I'd have no one to play against, I stored them away...and eventually misplaced most of them.

I've collected most of the Pokemon games except for Diamond, Pearl, Mystery Dungeon Blue, Ranger, Trozei (or any other for Nintendo DS...not to mention I don't even have a DS yet) and relatively few others for the GBA. I had Pokemon Yellow at one point but somehow the cartrige got erased before I could complete the game. In my studies of the games, I found that it's possible to complete the game with only using three pokemon... or at least it is while using Chikorita, Goldeen and Pidgey (and evolving them, of course) in Crystal.

As for the anime, I've watched most of it, except times when I couldn't because of work (which meant most of the 'Chronicles' unwatched by me) or having a "I don't like the fact that the voices have been changed on most, if not all of the characters" fit when it first occured which I got over fortunately.

As for writing pokemon fanfic, I only really got started doing that within the last so many months, although there was at least a few times where I attempted to do it, but it never got further than a rough concept. Since I'm only vaguely familiar with the original names of the characters, my fanfiction(s) take place in the English Dubbed reality.

Well, I think that's about it for me at the moment. Catch ya around!

Current Mood: amused
9:38 pm
Let's get this party started!
Hi everybody! Let's start with introductions!

I'm your moderator/creator for this LJ community, Darcerin (you can call me Dar), and I've been in the Pokemon "community" since Pokemon first made it to the States, back in ...1997. Wow. While I wasn't a card gamer, I was BIG into the video games. I sort of fell out of it around the time FireRed/LeafGreen came out (Red and Blue AGAIN? Ugh!), but when Diamond/Pearl came out I HAD to have it. So now I'm on Victory Road, about to hit the Elite 4. I hope I'm ready. I'm a bit rusty. ^^;;

I started writing short Pokemon vignettes, then started writing a much longer fanfic later on. It's going to take me a while to complete, but after a five year hiatus, I've come back to it, and am very intent on finishing it. That gal in my userpic? That's Arina, my protagonist in my Pokemon fic. You'll get to know her very well, shortly. :)

I'll be posting some basic ground rules for the community later tonight. Nothing you haven't heard before, probably. ^^

I think that's all I have to say, so I'll hand it over to our co-moderator, Sailor Spoof.
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